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27 Cambewarra Place,Gerringong 2534

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Small group Yoga classes and Yoga Therapy with Level 3 Yoga Australia registered teacher Merryn Lee Perez

Boutique Yoga is a small studio in Gerringong featuring regular Yoga classes led by senior teacher Merryn Lee Perez. Merryn expertly guides people of all ages and walks of life, through Yoga asana (postures), weaving breath work and mind training techniques,  whilst respecting the ancient wisdom of the teachings from Yoga’s long lineage. Merryn is registered as a Level 3 senior teacher under the peak industry body,Yoga Australia. This represents over 1,000 hours in training and more than 10 years experience teaching Yoga. Merryn also holds a position on the Yoga Australia Council of Advisors. Merryn’s background in education, music, dance and fitness have had a strong influence on the way her classes have evolved over time and she is well known for blending styles and introducing new techniques to challenge the body and mind.  The variety of classes, events and workshops Merryn facilitates, reflect the integrity of her unwavering commitment to the pursuit of helping people find their way toward enduring wellness. Boutique Yoga provides an ambient, inclusive space to practice Yoga. There are currently 10 weekly classes on the timetable. Visitors to the area are warmly welcomed, and Yoga Therapy sessions and private lessons/classes can be arranged by appointment.

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27 Cambewarra Place,Gerringong 2534

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